• 9th Dec 2016

    New Blue Soles!

    MATCH YOUR OUTFIT WITH A BLUE SOLE!You'll all know by now that we've had our popular Red Sole available for a while now. We know blue is such a popular colour for dresses when looking across the dance…

    Published by International Dance Shoes

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  • 10th Jun 2016

    NEW!: Glitter Soles!

    The Blackpool Dance Festival saw a successful launch of a new and exciting addition to your dance shoes; Glitter Soles!With more and more dancers choosing to embellish their shoes to make them stand…

    Published by International Dance shoes

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  • 17th Mar 2015

    New Red Soles!

    We've had Red Soles as part of our range for a couple of years and they simply help you stand out that little bit more on the dance floor!There's been a few images of our Red Sole shoes show…

    Published by Justin

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