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Top10 Ballroom


Welcome to our Ballroom Top10! Here are our five most popular designs for Men's and Ladies Ballroom! Our Ballroom shoes are the best in the business and blend a combination of beautiful aesthetics and internal innovation. As well as the elegance that is focused on within Ballroom shoes, we put a lot of focus on the softness of the shoe too. Everything from the specially developed padding within the insoles to the cushioned linings make our shoes feel like the most comfortable of slippers, allowing dancers to glide across the floor with support, comfort, and style. Split-sole shoes within the collection offer the flexibility that allows dancers to maximise the usage of the feet and our shoes come with endorsements from some of the world's most successful Ballroom dancers including Marcus & Karen Hilton MBE, Arunas Bizokas and Chong He & Jing Shan. The perfect fit is pivotal and with our shoes being Made in Britain, we offer a range of heel options as well as narrower and wider fittings so you can be sure of the perfect shoe to perform.




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