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Top10 Latin


Welcome to our Latin Top10! Here are our five most popular designs for Men's and Ladies Latin! Flexibility is one of the most important things in a Latin shoe, so all of our shoes are super soft not only for flexibility but they're also padded throughout for amazing comfort. We know that with dances like the Paso requiring some strong steps, our shoes are made with specially developed cushioning to provide great support to allow dancers to move freely and in unrivalled comfort. Our collection is innovative too and our new XG Sole, which is an option on all of our Latin shoes, provides better grip. This helps dancers on slippery floors by reducing the need to brush but also helps dancers achieve better accuracy in steps and generate more power and speed. The XG Sole gives amazing grip for amazing performance. You can read more about our XG Sole by clicking here. We understand that the perfect fit is pivotal, so being Made in Britain allows us to make our shoes are available on a range of heels and narrower and wider fittings so you can always find your perfect shoe.




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