Comfort & Health


The importance of dancing healthily shouldn't be underestimated and being innovative from this perspective is something that we love. By teaming up with leading physiotherapists, podiatrists and experts in foot biomechanics, we're pleased to offer shoes that improve comfort and maintain health, not just in the foot but with results that protect the whole body. Here's some information on what we focus on!

Arch Support

Throughout all of our shoes which are laced up, including our ladies practice shoes, men's shoes and boys shoes, we include specially developed arch support units which help with foot alignment as well as comfort.  

'Biomechanics' is a fancy way discussing the science behind the way that we move and one of the most important things here is that your shoes hug and support your arches. The arch support pads found within our insoles are 100% foamed SBR latex gel with no fillers. They have an anatomical shape, a long lasting memory effect, high levels of cushioning and shock absorption. Furthermore, they're breathable, synthetic, quick to dry and recyclable.

Plantar Fasciitis

This is the pain that can be caused by strain and inflammation of your plantar fascia which is your 'foot tissue'. You can get plantar fasciitis when that tissue becomes inflamed and when this tissue is excessively stretched, micro-tears can occur which causes swelling and plenty of pain as a result. It can be developed when your feet roll in too far as you take a step. This is known as 'overpronation' and can happen for a variety of reasons and this includes when wearing unsupportive footwear. When your feet over-pronate, your arches can collapse and this puts strain on the tissues in your foot. Sharp pains in the centre of your heel is a symptom and when you feel this at its worst during the very first steps you take in the morning then this is the biggest sign that your footwear might need some more support.

The arch support that we add to your footwear helps with foot alignment, which prevents the situation where the feet roll inwards, thus enhancing natural alignment and preventing over-pronation.


Heel to Toe Gel Cushioning

Inside every shoe there is 2mm gel padding which runs from the back of the heel all the way to the tip of the toes. This helps create all-day comfort since your foot is cushioned and protected from harder surfaces. We know that many dance floors may be 'sprung' floors, which have an element of bounce which softens every step, but non-purpose built dance floors will generally tend to be firmer, in which case padding is a real necessity. This is an easy component for a less expensive shoe to leave out, however we find this a really valuable element when providing the dancer with a comfortable pair of dance shoes.


Heel Protection

Whilst all of our shoes are made with insoles which have gel padding running all the way through them, all of our men's shoes, ladies practice shoes and boys shoes feature extra padding underneath the heel as well. This 'sponge' which is inserted between the heel unit and the outer sole material is something that absorbs shock. When Latin dancers plant their foot on the ground during a powerful Paso Doble step, you need something to absorb that shock. If not, then in the long term this shock can take its toll on the ankles and heels, the shins and all the way up through the knees, hips and back.

If you take a look at some of the other brands around, you'll notice it's very rare to feature padding here. Hold up a pair of shoes and take a look at the heel and feel how hard some of the heels out there can be. Ask yourself if you could use it as a hammer and if the answer is yes then you're holding a shoe that could do your body some damage! You wouldn't wear rock hard running shoes would you? The same thought process should apply to dance shoes!


We're incessantly committed to improving our shoes for the benefit of the dancer. Our team loves spending time with physiotherapists to learn more and work together to develop solutions for common problems. Likewise, we work with excellent suppliers that are always introducing new components that look to take comfort and performance to the next level and as a result we're always looking to make improvements to make dancing in our shoes an even more delightful experience for you!

We've worked closely with the established Mrs. S.A. Hancock. M.C.S.P. S.R.P. O.N.C., who as our experienced expert, has helped us in our aims to offer the most comfortable collection of dance shoes which offer the best in support for the dancer. We want to manufacture and provide footwear that not only offer comfort, but protect the dancer from injury and maintain health in the body from the sole up. We appreciate that dancing can take its toll on the body and we feel a responsibility to work in this way as part of our service to dancers around the world.