Shoe Care

We understand that you want to make sure your shoes last as long as possible so we've created this page to give you a few tips on how!

Here, you’ll find a few pieces of advice related to looking after your shoes but if you’re seeking a particular piece of advice that isn’t available on this page, then please do call us on +44(0)1908 319937 or email us and we'll do all we can to help.


We use top quality satins that are very hard wearing and there is normally very little fraying. You should do all you can to avoid getting your shoes wet as this can stain and damage the satin. If you order shoes in White Satin then you can dye this material and we add a small cutting of the satin to the boxes of orders in this material, which you can use to test the dye before applying it to your shoes. In terms of cleaning satin shoes, please do be careful what products you use as some may be too strong and this can ruin the material. We advise using a white spirit that is diluted to be a split 50/50 with water but please be careful and rub a cloth that's not too damp in very gentle circular motions.


Within all the shoe boxes of any Patent shoes ordered there is a small 'Patent Protector' brush. This is a polish which, when applied before dancing, will help reduce any sticking of Patent when you bring your feet together. As a result, there is less friction and by preventing sticking you can ensure that no scuff marks appear. We recommend using this before and after dancing, and between rounds if needed. Whilst there is one included in every shoe box of Patent shoes, you can order more by clicking here.


To preserve the condition of the heel tip, it is recommended that you use Heel Protectors. We offer these with a Plain Tip and with a Suede Tip. Many Latin dancers will prefer the plain tip ones as they're rubber and offer a bit more grip, whereas the suede ones feel more consistent with the rest of the sole and allow Ballroom dancers to glide more compared to the rubber ones. Some competition rules also state that Heel Protectors must be used, as not only do they protect your heel, but they protect the floor too. We also supply replacement Heel Tips too, which can be viewed by clicking here.


The main points we stress here is to avoid wearing your dance shoes outside and try to limit use away from the dance floor as much as possible. This will ensure that your soles stay in the best condition possible. Don’t let them get wet and avoid rough surfaces as this could cause damage. We work directly with tanneries to ensure our suede is long lasting and soft, which allows for the excellent flexibility that dancers experience with our shoes.

To maintain the condition of your soles, use our Shoe Brush, which can be viewed here. Using the brush doesn’t only ensure the soles are kept clean, but they can also increase the friction of the sole. If you have our XG Sole, be really carful when using a brush not to catch the stitches because this will cause the stitches to be cut. Be really careful to focus on carefully brushing just around the XG Sole pad. Be careful to also not accidentally brush or catch the upper material, because a shoe brush on satin, leather or any other fabric could cause damage.

We also offer replacement soles, which are available for Ladies and Gentlemen. To apply a new sole, we suggest that you ensure the old sole is as clean as possible, and then apply the new sole to the shoe over the top of the old sole by using strong holding glue. Click here to view our Ladies Replacement Soles, and click here to view our Men’s Replacement Soles. These are available in all of the different colours that we offer.