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On our website you'll find many different materials and we're always making updates to keep up with the latest trends and also to make improvements to existing materials. It's quite rare but this means that sometimes if you order a shoe in January and then the same shoe in May, you might notice small differences in little things like linings for example. No major changes but all these little changes are only ever made with improving the quality of our shoes and the quality of your experience in mind.

Our materials are predominantly sourced from throughout the UK and Europe. Our upper leather comes from Italy and our suedes come from within the UK. We're all about being British made and we're proud to support many British suppliers, many of whom are family run businesses like us, through sourcing many of our other materials and components. Our factory is not far from Northampton, which is the UK's traditional home of shoe-making and with these we do have great access to long established and reputable suppliers.

Sizing & Fittings

For more information on our the different sizes and fittings that we offer, as well as information on customisation, please click here.


One thing that we offer that many other brands don’t is variety. Whilst other brands only offer certain shoes on certain heel types, we are more flexible and offer a wider variety of heels. The aim of this is to ensure you have the most comfortable shoes to support you in your dancing. We’re all about providing the perfect shoe for you.

To view our range of heels, click here, and if you find that a particular shoe is not available online on your preferred heel, then please get in touch. We only make shoes available online in their most regularly used heels, however we can customise shoes for you and attach your preferred heel if you want something a bit different. Email us by clicking here or call us on +44(0)1908 319937 for help.

Stock & Delivery

We try to keep top-selling styles in stock, but this isn’t always possible, which is why we state that most products are usually shipped within ten working days. This is due to the variation that we offer. For instance, a Flavia is available in Tan Satin online on ten different heels, in fifteen sizes and in four different width fittings. That’s 600 different variants just on that one shoe design!

Most of the time this is less though as we have our own efficient internal processes that have been developed using the experience accumulated from over 30 years in the business

During a sale, our stock will be available to ship within one working day, however at peak times, this may be delayed to two or three working days when we’re very busy and over the festive period.

To read more about shipping and returns, click here.

Hook Buckles

We can make shoes with hook buckles on request. From years of experience, we find that the traditional buckle is the most secure way of fastening a strap, though the hook buckle can be seen as more easy and convenient to fasten and release. Of course, we are happy to go with your preferences and you can leave a note in the 'Order Comments' section when confirming your order to let us know you'd prefer hooks. We won't charge any extra, however your shoes won't be able to be returned for an exchange or refund.

Also, our Dansport collection shoes are all made with hook buckles and you can view that collection here.

Vegan Shoes

We're really proud to offer vegan shoes to our customers around the world and you can make your shoes vegan simply by choosing the option for a Vegan sole on the dropdown of your shoes. This is available on the vast majority of our shoes, however there might still be some shoes that don't have this option but we're working on that. With the exception of shoes with a leather upper, the only animal products used on our shoes are the soles and for that it is really easy to adapt to vegan requirements. If you'd like one of the leather shoes made vegan, we'd simply us a PU upper as a substitute.

There is no extra charge for making your shoes vegan, though they will be considered bespoke and thus we can't take them back for any refunds or exchanges so shop wisely!


You'll notice on many products we offer you the chance to customise your shoes by printing up to three letters on each shoe in either Gold or Sliver. We can print on the left, right or both feet to make your shoes even more unique to you. The service costs an extra £10 (£8.33 exc. VAT) and any shoes with an ids:iD are considered bespoke and thus can't be returned for a refund or exchange so be sure to pick the correct size!