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Product Information

About our Dance Shoes


We’re sure that after browsing our products, you’ll be aware of the extremely broad variety of materials we offer! We’re always looking to update our catalogue with new materials to keep up with the latest trends. Sometimes we will have to make small changes to the materials to improve the general quality of the shoe. We reserve the right to make slight adjustments to materials, design or smaller specifications at any time, but these will always be subtle.

We source our materials from throughout the UK and Europe. Places like Spain and Italy are areas renown for their top quality leathers, so we bring in materials from there to ensure the best possible quality for you. We don’t import components, or finished goods from places like China at all as we’re all about British made products. We’re located just south of Northampton, the home of shoemaking in the UK, so, as we have done for over 30 years, we source many materials and components from traditional, family run businesses in our local area.


All of the sizes on our website are UK sizes. If you’d like to see how these sizes compare to sizes in your region, then you can do so by clicking here.

Widths & Fittings

We're unique in the fact that our shoes are available in a variety of widths, from Extra, Extra, Extra Narrow to Extra, Extra, Extra Wide. Unfortunately, not all of these widths are available online. If you would like a fitting, which is not available online, please email us at sales@ids-danceshoes.co.uk to place your order. Surcharges apply to fittings outside our standard scope of Regular, Wide, Extra Wide and Narrow. Click here to read more on our Sizing & Fittings page.


One thing that we offer that many other brands don’t is variety. Whilst other brands only offer certain shoes on certain heel types, we’re a lot more flexible and offer a wider variety of heels. The aim of this is to ensure you have the most comfortable shoes to support you in your dancing. We’re all about providing the perfect shoe for you.

To view our range of heels, click here, and if you find that a particular shoe is not available online on your preferred heel, then please get in touch. We only make shoes available online in their most regularly used heels, however we can customise shoes for you and attach your preferred heel if you want something a bit different. Email us at sales@ids-danceshoes.co.uk or call us on +44(0)1908 319937 to find out more!

Stock & Delivery

We do try to keep top-selling styles in stock, but this isn’t always possible, which is why we state that most products are usually shipped within ten working days. This is due to the variation that we offer. For instance, a Melissa is available in Tan Satin online on ten different heels, in fifteen sizes and in four different width fittings. That’s 600 different variants just on that one shoe design!

Most of the time this is less though as we have our own efficient internal processes that have been developed using the experience accumulated from over 30 years in the business.

Over the next few months, we’re aiming to stock more designs to accelerate the delivery process to offer a better service to you. We’ll start with our competitive shoes, as our Social collection is mainly made to order due to the variants in materials and heels offered.

During a sale, our stock will be available to ship within one working day, however at peak times, this may be delayed to two or three working days when we’re very busy and over the festive period.




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