As the children grow up and develop past the Juvenile stage, it’s time for the girls to wear some low heeled adults shoes and the boys to maybe start wearing some more flexible shoes if they feel comfortable in doing so.

The range of shoes here includes adult shoes that we sell a lot of on the lower 2” IDS heel for girls. The main Latin styles here are the ‘Bela’ and ‘Tanya’ as well as two styles for Ballroom, the ‘ICS RoundToe Single Strap’ and the ‘ICS Classic’. All of these are available on the 2” IDS heel and you can view these by clicking on the styles and looking at their alternative images.

For the boys, we offer the ‘Boys Contra’ and ‘Boys Rumba’ as our flexible shoes, whilst the ‘Boys Tango’ style has a full sole and is more supportive.

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