#IDSEliteTeam - Apply for Sponsorship


Being part of our #IDSEliteTeam means you'll be equipped with the very dance best shoes to help maximise your performance. We're proud to work with so many couples around the world and we're always looking to add more talent whether it's a young and emerging talent or an established professional couple.

We review applications in and around February/March each year and if your application is successful then we'll be in touch with you. We do have a lot of applications each year and whilst we can't sponsor every couple, we do try to support as many dancers as we can. Due to that high volume of applications we can't respond to each and every application individually but we do send an email out once we've completed the annual review of applications.

If you and your partner think you've got what it takes to become part of our #IDSEliteTeam then click here to fill out our application form with as much detail as you can. Talk about your results and aims for the future as well as where you compete! Good luck!