Tagir Mansurov & Sasha Kondrashova

Tagir Mansurov & Sasha Kondrashova - International Dance Shoes


DANCE: Amateur Latin | PARTNERS SINCE: March 2015 | REPRESENT: USA | PLACES OF BIRTH: Tagir: Zaporozhie, Ukraine | Sasha: Philadelphia, USA | BASED: USA.

ACHIEVEMENTS: 2015 International Dancesport Championships Amateur Latin Quarter-Finalists; 2015 Dutch Open Rising Star Latin Vice-Champions; 2015 WDC World Disney Cup Amateur Latin Champions; 2015 WDC World Amateur Latin Semi-Finalists; 2016 UK Open Amateur Rising Star Latin Finalists; 2016 Asian Open Tokyo Amateur Latin 3rd Place.

CHOSEN SHOES: Tagia: 'Rumba Duo' | Sasha: 'Mia T-Bar' (Click the shoe names to view)


FAVOURITE DANCE: Tagir: Cha Cha | Sasha: Rumba.

FAVOURITE COMPETITION/VENUE: Tagir: Winter Gardens, Blackpool | Sasha: Winter Gardens, Blackpool.

BEST MOMENT OF YOUR CAREER: The best moment of our dancing career together so far was probably dancing at the Royal Albert Hall at the 2015 International Championships! We have both danced there before with different partners, and as it is one of our favorite venues it was a very special moment for us! This was also our first major competition together.

HOW TO PREPARE FOR A COMPETITION: For us, it is very important to prepare ourselves both physically and mentally before a competition through rounds and drills with our coaches. We make sure that we have good stamina during the rounds, and that we can keep 100% quality throughout all five dances! The day before the competition we usually try to rest, put ourselves in a good mental state before the day of the competition! 

HOW TO RELAX AFTER A COMPETITION: We like to take a day off and either relax at home watching tv, or go visit family!

MOST RESPECTED OPPONENT COUPLE: We have a lot of couples who we constantly compete against, and all of them are improving through every competition so we respect all of them equally! They are very good dancers and people, so they help us to grow and improve just by being there.

ADVICE FOR ANY YOUNG DANCER READING THIS: The best advice we would give is to believe in yourself and what you do! There is so much opportunity these days to progress in dancing with all of the amazing coaches and dancers who are out there, so if you believe in your own potential and strength then you can do anything. Progress doesn't happen over night - it really does take blood sweat and tears ;)

DANCE WORLD ICON/INSPIRATION: Tagir: Slavik Kryklyvyy. | Sasha: Yulia Zagoruychenko.


WHY CHOOSE INTERNATIONAL DANCE SHOES?: International Dance Shoes are the best shoes out there! No other shoe brand can compare with quality, look, and comfort. Truly the best!

WHAT ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT FEATURES OF A DANCE SHOE?: The most important features are that the shoes should look beautiful on the feet, as well as be comfortable and durable!


FAVOURITE SPORT AWAY FROM DANCE: Tagir: Football (Soccer) | Sasha: Football (Soccer)


FAVOURITE FILM: Tagir: Nu Pogodi :) | Sasha: Harry Potter :) and Guillermo Del Toro films!

FAVOURITE MUSIC ACT/ARTIST: Tagir: Too many to choose! | Sasha: Luis Miguel, Alejandro Fernandez, First Aid Kit


Tagir and Sasha offer private and group lessons, and are also available for shows! They can be reached via Facebook, Instagram (see links below), email (sashakondrashov@gmail.com) or phone (+1-415-734-7262). 


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