Yuriy Prokhorenko & Mariya Sukach

Yuriy Prokhorenko & Mariya Sukach - International Dance Shoes


DANCE: Amateur Ballroom | PARTNERS SINCE: August 2004 | REPRESENT: Russia | PLACES OF BIRTH: Yuriy: Kiev, Ukraine | Mariya: Kiev, Ukraine | BASED: Kiev, Ukraine.

ACHIEVEMENTS: World Championships Semi-Finalists, Paris 2015; 2nd in Amateur Rising Star Ballroom at Blackpool, 2013; 3rd in Amateur Rising Star at the UK Open, 2013; Semi-Finalists in the Under 21 Ballroom at Blackpool 2011; 3x Ukraine Champions in Youth, Under 19, Under 21 and Amateur; Winners of World Championships in Junior II Standard, Italy 2006.

CHOSEN SHOES: Yuriy: 'Tango' | Mariya: 'ICS RoundToe' (Click the shoe names to view)


FAVOURITE DANCE: Yuriy: All five | Mariya: The same, all five.

FAVOURITE COMPETITION/VENUE: Yuriy: Blackpool | Mariya: Blackpool and the UK Championships.

BEST MOMENT OF YOUR CAREER: When we came in 3rd place in Amateur Rising Star Championship. This was our first final in the UK for a major competition.

HOW TO PREPARE FOR A COMPETITION: Every time 2.5 months before big event we start preparing. First of all we try to sleep minimum eight hours and eat only healthy food. We practice 6/7 days a week and go to Italy and London to have lessons with our teachers. We also train to improve our stamina. We need this to feel ready mentally and physically. And many others things!

HOW TO RELAX AFTER A COMPETITION: After a big event we like to relax at home with our family. To visit some interesting sights in our town. Also to go to the cinema or theatre. To get some new inspiration for the next competition and of course to eat not healthy food ;-)

MOST RESPECTED OPPONENT COUPLE: We always respect all our competitors! But we never try to compete against them! We always compete only with ourselves! We have a few couples in our category at the moment, which we feel pushed us and help us to become better and better. The first couple is Dusan Dragovic dancing with his previous partner Greta. We like watching this couple because of their musicality and feeling of each other. They inspire us a lot. The second couple is Alex Gunnarsson and Liis End. This couple we respect so much for their passion, quality and the way they perform.

ADVICE FOR ANY YOUNG DANCER READING THIS: Never give up! Beileve in everything you do! Because bad moments in your career is not the end, it's just the beginning of something great!

DANCE WORLD ICON/INSPIRATION: Yuriy: Mirko Gozzolli | Mariya: Alessia Betti, Edita Daniute.


WHY CHOOSE INTERNATIONAL DANCE SHOES?: Because these are the only shoes we feel very comfortable to dance!

WHAT ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT FEATURES OF A DANCE SHOE?: Comfort, quality, softness and beauty.

YOU'VE VISITED OUR FACTORY BEFORE, WHAT DID YOU THINK?: Unfortunately, we never visit the factory. We hope that soon we can do this.


FAVOURITE SPORT AWAY FROM DANCE: Yuriy: Football, Big Tennis | Mariya: Big Tennis


FAVOURITE FILM: Yuriy: Rocky | Mariya: Hatico

FAVOURITE MUSIC ACT/ARTIST: Yuriy: Michael Buble, Bill ContiMariya: Malu, Andrea Bocceli, Michael Buble

INTERESTING FACT: Yuriy: I was a professional footballer in the past. | Mariya: I finished musical school and I play the piano.


Yuriy and Mariya both offer workshops, lectures and private lessons. Contact them via email - yuriy_mariya@rambler.ru. Or contact them via Facebook (details below).


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