Artiste SS update!

Published by International Dance Shoes on 24th Apr 2023

In March we sent an email out to both mailing list subscribers & our stockists across the world to vote on whether we should make the popular Artiste SS design with or without the zig zag!

We know that whilst some people loved it - a lot of people didn't! So we wanted to allow people to give us their feedback to help shape our decisions because after all - it's you that is wearing them and not us!

The votes came in with a win for team no to the zig zag from both the mailing list members and our stockists - so we have dropped the zig zag!

We did love it ourselves - we thought it added something iconic - but we appreciate that maybe it was a bit excessive and perhaps a bit too bold!

Orders placed will now feature our traditional shaped back-strap in the same, stylish Himalayan Rose fabric as the main part of the upper.

IF you were a fan of the zig zag then we might still be able to help! First - click here as we have some available in our sale! We also have some left over stock of uppers that we can use but there are limited sizes available - so get in touch (click here to email us) if you wish to be one of the last few people to get their feet into a pair of the originals!

Click here to shop the updated Artiste SS in the Himalayan Rose colourway!

We hope you are pleased with this update and that we took the time to listen to feedback and change. Please note that this change applies for this Himalayan Rose colourway for now only and the other limited edition versions will remain available as per their descriptions.

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