Big Changes Online!

Published by Justin on 23rd Aug 2014

We're delighted to announce that we've been busy making a changes to our website to improve the overall online experience for you! These changes include much improved delivery times, better information on shoes, better images, new dancewear and there's also free shipping available for UK orders of £100 or more!

Delivery times

We've trimmed our range to enable us to hold more finished stock of our most popular designs. Rather than aiming to ship products within 10 days, we're now aiming to ship certain products within 1 day - a great improvement! Styles that are in stock in certain heel/fitting combinations will be shipped within 1-2 days, and we'll aim to ship wider/narrower variants and shoes with made to order heel options within 5-7 days.

To discover what styles we have available for immediate dispatch, head to any product page and take a look at the text in pink or blue beneath the product description to find out what heels and fittings we stock that design on. Some products we offer as made to order only, but we'll aim to get these out to you within 5-7 days too!

It's easy to work out when your shoes are going to be ready too, because on all the drop down boxes when you're selecting your heel and fitting, you'll see whether we stock your chosen options (1-2 days) or whether we make that to order (5-7 days).

Find out who wears your shoes & more!

Navigating our product pages for competitive shoes just got more interesting. Now you'll see what the world's best competing Amateurs and Professionals wear! For example, by looking at the 'Bela' in Tan Satin, you'll see that this shoe is worn by huge names like Katya Jones, Lauren Mcfarlane-Hemera, Yulia Musikhina and Pia Lundanes-Loewe!  

We've also improved our product descriptions for better information and we've also improved the image quality further so you have a great opportunity to really zoom in on your favourite designs!

More Dancewear!

We're delighted to be working with CHRISANNE to offer you their prestigious range of dancewear for ladies. Their exclusive range of practice and dance wear is available here, and we're also offering their brand new 'Inspired by Tania Kehlet' collection which launched just a couple of weeks ago! Take a look at all CHRISANNE dance wear by clicking here, and to view the new 'Inspired by Tania Kehlet' collection, click here.

Free Shipping on UK orders over £100!

We're delighted to now offer free shipping for UK orders of £100 or more! All deliveries are made next day via our chosen courier service. To get this, just click on the 'Free Shipping' option when selecting your delivery method.

We're always working on improving our products and service to you, so we hope you like the changes we've made. Between now and Christmas, we'll be bringing you some more good news too, so keep an eye out for future updates! Follow us on social media by clicking any of the links below!

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