City Inspired Hand-Painted Shoes! Welcome to London, New York, Shanghai & Tokyo!

Published by International Dance Shoes on 1st Aug 2018


Some of you may have seen these shoes in our show cabinet in Blackpool but for those who hadn't, here you can find four wonderful city-inspired hand-painted editions of our popular 'Heather Split' teaching and practice shoes!

From left to right we have Shanghai, London, New York and Tokyo. Four amazing cities with incredible skylines and cultures. These hand painted shoes are meticulously crafted by our friend Maria Roberts, with personal touches and intricate details. She's carefully selected the finest paints to ensure long lasting colour, paints which give a gloss-like finish when dry and remain soft when wet, so they won't crack as the foot moves and flexes underneath.

The process involves time to perfect the thickness of the paints being applied, so that harmonious transitions of higher and darker tones are achieved. The landscape silhouettes are delicately finished with tiny flecks of gold to resemble the city lights. They're painted with the traditional influences of each city in mind. Maria takes time to make sure that each design has its own interesting feature so that each shoe is truly unique!

This is a range of shoes designed collaboratively between us and Maria Roberts, a graduate specialising in footwear design. It's been something we've wanted to do for a while and having them displayed in our show cabinet at the Blackpool Dance Festival brought with it some stunned and delighted reactions to the sheer detail and skill that goes into these unique shoes. They're available online now and you can click on the below links to take a look at more photos of each design!

LondonNew YorkShanghaiTokyo

Maria accepts Bespoke design requests and you can email her via and follow her Instagram page by clicking here!

You can order these shoes online, and they are classed as Bespoke so if you do know your size for the 'Heather Split' shoe then perfect. If not, perhaps order a stock shoe which can be returned so that we can be confident in your size choice as these shoes are non-returnable and non-refundable. Click here to view the collection!


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