Contra PRO now available in Black Nubuck!

Published by Justin on 28th Aug 2015

The traditional and classic Black Patent Contra PRO now has an innovative new brother, the Contra PRO in the stylish, super-soft and ultra-lightweight Black Nubuck..

We developed this shoe through placing a relentless interest in trends throughout the world of dancesport. Speaking with sponsored dancers as well as non-sponsored dancers, we noticed a demand for something other than the usual Patent competition shoe.

We identified Black Nubuck as a material that not only looks great in terms of finding a seamless consistency between trousers and shoes, but our Black Nubuck material is also super-soft, and incredibly lightweight. These two elements combine to create a shoe that fits light a glove and offers greater flexibility than Patent. Having tested and sold out of a trial run of these shoes at the Blackpool Dance Festival in May, we also learned that this shoe makes the ultimate teaching and training shoe as well.

The shoe uses our enhanced gel cushioning on the insole, which is becoming a commonly used component across our range, such is the unrivalled level of comfort that it offers the dancer. A specially developed foam lining ensures the glove-like fit.

Our new sole design which brings the sole over the inside edge of the shoe is also used here on the 'Contra PRO'. This advance on the original 'Contra' allows for much improved use on the inside edge of the foot, by creating a more natural and smooth connection with the floor. The design also prevents sticking on the inside edge of the feet, thus protecting the upper material, resulting in a shoe that lasts longer than ever.

The heel is designed with a lip of sole material coming over the back edge of the heel. This heel, which as a unit has been developed and is manufactured right here in our factory in Milton Keynes too, enhances the smoothness of the heel turn and paves the way for a smooth glide across the floor.

Professional Ballroom World Champion, Arunas Bizokas, says the shoe is the 'most comfortable shoe I've ever worn'. Click here to give it a go and find out if he's right!

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