IDS:id Shoe Personalisation coming to Blackpool!

25th May 2016

We're excited to announce that we're going to be offering our NEW IDSid shoe personalisation service on our stand at the Blackpool Dance Festival, starting from tomorrow (26th May 2016)!

Much like you can do with running shoes, football boots, bags and other goods you can now have customised text printed on your shoes to make them truly your own. We have three colours of print to choose from over letters and numbers and a few examples can be seen in the image above this text and make sure you click here to follow our Instagram page to see more images throughout the week! We can also print on pretty much any shoe that we're offering at the Blackpool Dance Festival!

You'll see many of our EliteTeam sponsored couples wearing their personalised shoes throughout the week and hopefully they'll all be directing you over to our stand to get yours done too!

Visit our stand in the Winter Gardens at the Blackpool Dance Festival to find out more and have your shoes personalised to make them unique to you, and even watch as we do it with this service being a cool new feature to our stand for 2016. It'll even make the bets gift for any dancer!

Please note that whilst we aim to print on shoes while you wait, we may ask you to leave your shoes with us if we're in a very busy period - which can be likely at such a huge event! The service will cost £8 per pair and we'll be happy to apply up to three characters on each shoe.

For those of you reading this that won't be at the festival, then we will be aiming to make this feature available online too very soon! For everyone that will be at the festival make sure you come and visit us and get your IDSid!

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