Introducing our 'Stoned by Lauren Hemera' Collection..

Published by International Dance Shoes on 15th Nov 2016


We've teamed up with one of our EliteTeam sponsored dancers, Lauren Hemera to create some of the most stunning shoes ever seen!

Lauren is not only a British Champion, she's exceptionally talented at embellishing her shoes and not one major competition goes by without her shoes dazzling on the dance floor, much to the admiration of fellow competitors and spectators. We've always posted photos of Lauren's shoes on our Instagram page and the response is always incredible.

Now we've asked Lauren to create a couple of unique designs for us to make available online for you and we're excited that they're now available!

We have our 'Bela', which is the shoe of choice for Lauren, and our popular 'Mia' both available with some of Lauren's intricate design work. The styles are named 'Bela by Lauren', and 'Mia by Lauren'. The shoes are available for £375, and they're made using the latest and most eye-catching stones from Swarovski, and the shoes are all hand-stoned by Lauren herself.

Click here to view the collection!

Discussing why she loves to stone her shoes Lauren explains, "I believe a look is always finished off with the shoes. Shoes can make you feel like a million dollars, especially with that bit of extra sparkle. It's important because I feel it says a lot about that persons character, everything is about the details of an outfit, the shoes finish it off so they're equally as important as the outfit".

We're not just working with Lauren to come up with these designs, she'll also be the one stoning your shoes herself. Fortunately she loves stoning shoes and finds it a way to take her mind off of dancing and to relax. Off all the incredible shoes she has stoned in the past, she keeps them all; "there are so many in my cupboard, they bring back memories so I believe I will keep them for a long, long time". We hope that you love these new designs and find them inspiring for your look.

One of Lauren's aims away from dancing is to help dancers look the best they can possibly look and that includes offering her services for embellishments on dance wear such as dresses and shoes. She's already doing some great work and should there be anything that you want help with, then get in touch! Contact Lauren via email at! You can also follow her on Instagram here, and follow her and her partner Mike Hemera on Facebook by clicking here.

If you love the look of these shoes, but want to use different stones to match your dress, then let us know! We'll be happy to offer Bespoke services for customised versions too. If you have any questions at all, please let us know by emailing us at

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