Our New "Vogue" Heel is here!

27th Oct 2020

New for Ladies Latin: The "VOGUE" heel

We're excited to announce the launch of a new style of heel for Ladies Latin: our brand new 'Vogue' heel!

Our stylish new 'Vogue' heel joins our 'Elite', 'IDS' and 'Ultra Slim' heels as options for Ladies Latin shoes and is best described as either a slightly flared version of our 'Ultra Slim' heel, or a slimmer and more sleek version of our 'IDS' flared heel.

It's very elegant looking, blending the ultimate in style with excellent balance and comfort, taking inspiration from heels often worn for Argentinian Tango dancing. The slight flaring out at the bottom of the heel enhances that crucial feeling of stability for the dancer, giving you even more confidence when you step out onto the floor.

The new 'Vogue' heel is available in heights of 2.5" (6.5cm) and 3" (7.8cm) and you can add this new heel to any order of any Ladies Latin (and some of our Social) shoes online. We have heel protectors available too which you can shop by clicking here.

You can read all about the different types of heels that we offer and compare which ones might be most suitable for you by clicking here. Our new 'Vogue' heel is only available on Ladies Latin shoes and some of the higher heel styles in our Social shoes collection. It's not available on our Ladies Ballroom shoes (though we have something similar already for Ballroom - our 'Ultra Flared' heel).

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We understand that there are many different shapes and sizes to heels in Ladies Latin, and dancers want choice. The most traditional of our heels, the 'IDS' heel, which is the thicker flared heel which has been in our collection since the very beginning, is most popular with social dancers and anyone who finds comfort in dancing with the ultimate in balance. The wider surface area of the heel tip helps to distribute weight and thus makes the shoe by far the most balanced out there.

Many competition dancers however, tend to want something a little more sexy and sleek. The 'Elite' heel, being quite thick but tapering down to the heel tip is a supportive and stylish heel which offers an elegant look and balanced feel. The 'Ultra Slim' heel is all about that skinny look, and with the reduced surface area of it's heel tip as it slims down to a point, it's arguably for those feeling most confident on the floor! It's chosen by many of our #IDSEliteTeam couples.

What this new 'Vogue' heel does is combine many of these elements to give the dancer not just a heel that compliments the beauty of the rest of the shoe, but gives a sensation of stability, security and comfort from the moment you step out in them.

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To select the 'Vogue' heel for your new pair of shoes, all you need to do is select it from the 'Heel' dropdown when selecting your shoe options.

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