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Published by International Dance shoes on 10th Jun 2016

The Blackpool Dance Festival saw a successful launch of a new and exciting addition to your dance shoes; Glitter Soles!

With more and more dancers choosing to embellish their shoes to make them stand out on that competition floor, we're now offering our shoes with a new sole option where we add a layer of glitter to the sole from the tip of the heel, up and down the arch of the foot and ending before the point of contact to which the sole has its connection with the floor. The result is a shoe with sensational elegance and uniqueness, without the time and money spent on individually stoning the soles of the shoes!

The new look is stunning as you can see from the image above and we have four different materials available for this: Gold Glitter, Silver Glitter, Tan Sequin Glitter and Black Glitter, all of which are labelled in the image above.

We’re delighted that after such success in Blackpool we’re now offering this new option online when you order your shoes!

The additional cost for the Glitter Soles is £10 and the option is available on the vast majority of ladies shoes on our website (as of today: all Ladies Latin and all Ladies Ballroom shoes) under the same dropdown as you would choose between a Standard Sole and a Red Sole, and of course you can have Glitter on a Red Sole too! The Glitter Soles do make shoes Bespoke, so please do order only when sure of your sizing with us as we will be unable to take returns for shoes made with Glitter soles.

If you already have shoes and would like to add these soles on yourself then it is possible to buy the soles by themselves! Click here to head to the product page, but you will need to order them in the correct size so that we can cut the material to the right size for your shoe before sending it to you. For this, you'll just need to know the size of your shoes and the heel of your shoes and be sure to read the instructions on the product page and those that come with the soles before applying the Glitter layer onto your shoes.

If you would like to know anything more then please get in touch! Call us on +44(0)1908 319937 or email us by clicking here.

We hope you like this new feature!

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