• 19th Mar 2019

    Vegan options now for ALL of our shoes!

    Vegan soles are now available on more shoes across the International Dance Shoes collection!Since adding vegan versions of our most popular shoes to our collection a couple of years ago, we've had a r…

    Published by Amy

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  • 28th Jun 2018

    Our NEW & Improved Elite Heel!

    This Blackpool Dance Festival we launched our New and Improved Elite heel and we're so pleased to have received such excellent feedback on it!Whilst we designed the original Elite at the request of ma…

    Published by International Dance Shoes

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  • 5th Dec 2017

    Our new AirMesh Material is here!

    We've introduced our latest and perhaps greatest material for practice and teaching. Our new 'AirMesh' material is available on our incredibly popular 'Heather Split' practice and teaching shoe…

    Published by International Dance Shoes

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  • 10th Jun 2016

    NEW!: Glitter Soles!

    The Blackpool Dance Festival saw a successful launch of a new and exciting addition to your dance shoes; Glitter Soles!With more and more dancers choosing to embellish their shoes to make them stand…

    Published by International Dance shoes

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