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Published by International Dance Shoes on 24th Mar 2020

Rather than publish a new blog post for every update, find out latest information regarding Coronavirus here. Scroll to the bottom for our first update and work your way up! Updates here include:

  • We're re-opening for a few days from the 1st June!
  • Online stock is available to be sent very quickly as some of our sales team are still in
  • Our factory closed on Wednesday 25th March
  • Our factory shop was closed 17th March
  • Our non factory staff are here for you as always, some from the office and some from their homes
  • During business hours we're running an online chat on our website to help you with anything!
  • Returns & refund policies are relaxed
  • Blackpool festivals are postponed until August!

22nd May 2020

We're re-opening for a few days from the 1st June!

You can read the full update by clicking here. As of today (22nd May) made to order shoes are available again online until midnight on the 1st June! We're excited!


11th May 2020

Still closed..

The latest announcements from the government have included encouraging people to get back to work, however we're not going to rush to re-open just yet. With dance schools around the country and across the world still not open and stringent social distancing measures still in place, there remains lower demand for dance shoes.

Keeping our website open to sell stock that is currently available on our shelves has been working out pretty well and although we're sure that there are lots of people out there looking to order made to order shoes, we think it is a bit to early for us to open up just yet. We'll post another update soon, when our plans become a bit clearer.

In the meantime we've been using our downtime wisely and have plans in place to re-open when the time comes which include being able to allow our staff to work safely and at a distance.

For now, you can shop our "In Stock" shoes (and dance essentials) by clicking here and read our FAQ's on shopping with us during this period by clicking here.


27th March 2020

New website section!

Today we've created a new category which you'll find in the main navigation bar on our website called "In Stock".

Here, you'll find all of the styles that we currently have in stock for the fastest delivery! Whilst our factory is closed, we cannot make any 'made to order' shoes, so we can only offer what we have in stock. We can send anything from this section out to you within one working day.

Shop our "In Stock" shoes (and dance essentials) by clicking here!


25th March 2020

Our factory is closed but we've made some helpful changes online!

At 5pm today we waved each other goodbye for what we hope is not a long time. Our production team have all gone home for now but our sales team are still very much here for you!

We've made some changes to our website which means that if you follow the pink "In Stock" icons as you navigate our website, you will still be able to order shoes because these shoes are on our shelves available for you. We can't make any 'made to order' or 'bespoke' for a while of course, but anything that you can add to your cart online will be sent over to you very quickly. 'Made to Order' shoes are still visible online, however you will only be able to add them to your wish list and not your cart.

Click here for a separate blog on shopping with us throughout this period for more information!


24th March 2020

We've decided to close our factory..

Our factory will be closed from the end of day tomorrow (Wednesday 25th March).

Whilst we love making your shoes, there are some things that just matter way more.

It's really important that we do our bit to help our team follow the government advice and stay at home and we'll try our very best to push out as many orders as possible tomorrow (in a hygienic and socially distant kind of way of course).

Our sales team are still working (some from home and some from the office) so that we can still send orders, however we're also going to make a few adjustments to our website over the coming days so that if anyone needs to order anything, you know exactly what we have in stock to send you.

We apologise for any inconvenience that this will cause, however we are very sure you'll understand and appreciate this update.


20th March 2020

Blackpool Dance Festivals Postponed!

The prestigious Blackpool Dance Festivals (both the Junior and the British Open) have been postponed until August. The European Championships which runs over Easter weekend, just before the Junior Blackpool Dance Festival has also been postponed and will take place in October. Full details can be found  on the Blackpool Dance Festival website here..


18th March 2020

Returns & Refunds on online orders

For anyone who has bought online recently and needs to exchange anything, please note that we're going to be really pretty relaxed on our returns policies for refunds and exchanges throughout this period (it's usually 28 days). Don't put yourself in danger of going to post offices to send anything back to us. Wait until a good time and we'll take care of everything then. If you have any questions about anything, feel free to email us by clicking here.

Our factory is still running and we are still sending goods to the majority of countries where our regular customers are based. Again, if you have any queries or questions, click here to email us or call us on +44(0)1908 319937.

Online Chat

During particular periods of the day you'll see a pink "Chat with us" icon on the right hand side of your screen. Our team will be available here for you if you need any advice on placing orders, have questions about fittings or anything to do with the Coronavirus. It's not a virtual assistant, it's the actual fantastic human beings that are responsible for your shoes!


As per yesterdays update, everything is running as normal here and we're all paying attention to the advice coming out of government. Stay safe!


17th March 2020

There is a great amount of concern regarding the spread of Coronavirus across the world and we thought it would be a good idea to post an update on this matter.

First and foremost our thoughts are with anyone who has been affected by this outbreak regardless of where they are in the world. The most important thing right now is to ensure the health and safety of yourselves, your family, friends, colleagues and neighbours.

At this moment in time, it is business as usual for us here at our factory and headquarters in Milton Keynes, however, we have decided to close our factory shop as of today (17/03). Our production team are in and working hard to ensure your shoes are moving around our production tracks and able to ship out to you as per our usual delivery times, subject to whether there are any government restrictions on their final location. Our sales team are also fully operational within our offices too, and will remain available for you in the scenario that people are required to work from their homes. Sadly we can't make shoes at home, so we're following advice with respect to hygiene so we can keep open for the time-being. If there are any changes to our situation, we will post an update here, on our blog.

The health and safety of our team here is of paramount importance and we're taking our own measures internally to ensure the safety of our staff and we continue to monitor the advice and updates from our government.

The final thing that remains to be said is to look after yourselves. Follow the advice of your governments where you are and take the precautionary measures that are recommended to you.

Keep dancing though. Never stop that, just keep it in your kitchens and living rooms for now.

Yours Sincerely,

Justin, Rashmi, John, Julie, Sandra, Lewis, Nadia, Amy & our Production team

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